Rainbow Heart Studio was founded with the intention of creating a space of healing and growth where the full spectrum of human diversity is welcomed and embraced.

It is available for rental to anyone wishing to have a space that honors this intention.

While the symbol of the rainbow has been adopted for many different ends we chose it to emphasize an embrace of the full spectrum of our human natures. See below for a more detailed account of our understanding.


The rainbow is a symbol of harmony. It reflects the deeper order of beauty and truth that courses through all things. Through this deeper order our understanding of the rainbow points towards the window of a future in which all peoples live fully grounded in their vital human potential, and meet all that enters into their experience with openness, humility, and acceptance. This holds true for both people, and aspects of ourselves, that are marginalized, rejected, and scorned as a result of our socio-historical development. In this sense the symbol of the rainbow encompasses both the dark and the light aspects of human nature. The harmony of its color emerges from their intertwining. 

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CONTACT: ancientinnocence@gmail.com