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Studio Details

Located in a quiet neighborhood, with a beautiful outdoor garden, this studio is a great space for renters looking for a relaxed environment to hold their event that is both close to BART and with no parking restrictions.

The studio can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It has been rented for psychotherapy, dance, theatre, discussion, education, entertainment, community gatherings, meditation, etc.

With skylighted vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, optional floor carpets, dimmed lighting, and an aesthetically decorated design, this studio is a perfect space for comfortably holding small groups. 

The main floor space is 18x18 feet, with an optional additional 11x6 foot space (behind the white hanging curtain in photo to left), as well as a small carpeted room of 11x6 feet that can be used as well.


​The max occupancy is 18. Ideal max group size is 12-15 participants.

Amenities include:

Small kitchen (microwave, hot water, tea selection, basic dishes, sink)


Folding chairs

Cushions/Pillows for sitting on floor

Music system (iPod or disc man hookup)


CONTACT: ancientinnocence@gmail.com